Archdiocese of Mobile

Parish Best Policies

Parish Best Financial Practices Requirements

  • Encourage parishioners to use envelopes and to write checks.

  • There must always be two or more people in control of the collection at all times – no one may be alone with the collection either in church or while it is being counted.

  • The collection should be in a visible location during Mass and secured in a locked and/or secure location as soon as possible after Mass.

  • The collection is to be counted by a team of at least 2 unrelated people, with more than one counting team, where possible.

  • The counters are to record the cash, coin, and checks using duplicate deposit slips.

  • When possible, checks are to be prepared by someone other than those authorized to sign checks.

  • Blank checks are not to be signed in advance.

  • Bills are no to be paid with cash.

  • No debit cards are allowed on any Parish checking accounts.

  • No checks are to be made payable to cash except for the maintenance of a small petty cash fund. Complete documentation of petty cash must be included and approved.

  • Bank statements must be reviewed by the Pastor and/or church administrator. Particular attention should be given for possible unknown payees, checks not signed by authorized signers, and any unusual items.