Archdiocese of Mobile

Ministries & Offices

Archdiocesan Offices

400 Government St.

Mobile, AL 36602

(251) 434-1585

The Catholic Week

Mr. Rob Herbst – Editor

Office for the Protection of Minors & Adults

Ginger Koppersmith – Director

Director for the Diaconate

Deacon Ronnie A. Hathorne – Director

Deacon Charles J. Eick- Associate Formation Director, Hispanic Diaconate Program

Deacon Normal M. Gale- Charman, Committee on Admission and Scrutinies

Legal Services

Lisa B. Hansen – General Counsel

Liaison with Religious – Sisters, Nuns & Brothers

Sr. Deborah Kennedy, R.S.M.

Moderator of the Curia

Reverend Msgr. William J. Skoneki, V.G.

Vocations Director

Reverend Victor Ingalls – Director

Reverend Monsignor James S. Kee, J.V., S.T.L., J.C.L. – Judicial Vicar
14 South Franklin Street
Mobile, AL 36602

(251) 432-4609
(251) 432-4647

Reverend Monsignor James S. Kee, J.V., S.T.L., J.C.L. Judicial Vicar

Reverend Daniel F. Good, J.C.L. Associate Judge

Deacon J. Douglas Sinchak, M.S., J.C.L. Associate Judge

Reverend Monsignor Leonardo Guadalquiver Associate Judge

Mrs. Kathy Weber, J.C.L. Associate Judge

Mrs. Michele McAloon, J.C.L. Defender of the Bond

Reverend Johnny S. Savoie Advocate

Ms. Sharon B. Cusimano Court Clerk/Notary

Mrs. Sarah Arendall Notaries/Transcriptionist

Mrs. Michele Nimtz Transcriptionist

Mr.Robert Brooks, Esq., Auditor


Mrs. Shannon D. Roh – Executive Director
356 Government
Mobile, AL 36602

(251) 438-9668

Catholic Charities Appeal

Planned Giving


Mrs. Marilyn D. King – Executive Director
188 S. Florida St.
Mobile, AL 36606

(251) 434-1550

Apostolate for Persons with Disabilities

Mrs. Ruth P. Breland – Director

Catholic Deaf Ministry

Mr. William F. Jones

Catholic Social Services

Mrs. Marilyn D. King – Director

Catholic Telecommunications

St. Joseph’s Homes (Foster Care Placement)
St. Mary’s Home

Mrs. Sabrina Joshi, Administrator

Reverend Monsignor William J. Skoneki, Vicar General
400 Government St.
Mobile, AL 36602

(251) 434-1586

Apostleship of Prayer

Reverend Monsignor William J.Skoneki, V.G.

Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW)

Mrs. Connie B. Seyler, President, 334-308-2564

Campus Ministry

Apostleship of the Sea – Catholic Maritime Club

Reverend Lito J. Capeding – Chaplain(251) 432-7339

Confraternity of Intercessors for Priests
in the Heart of St. Joseph

Reverend J. Francis Sofie – Director(251) 368-3615

Vietnamese Community Council

Reverend Cu Minh Duong – Vicar for Vietnamese Affairs(251) 479-7360

Hispanic Ministry

Deacon Hector Donastrog – Director(251) 690-6907

Prison Ministry LINK

Deacon Stephen Tidwell  (334) 714-6281

Mrs. Michele C. Manry – Executive Director
356 Government St.
Mobile, AL 36602

(251) 434-1548


Mr. Ross Parrish – Accounting Manager(251) 434-6447

Mr. Gary Connick (251) 434-1546

Mrs. Alicia A. Simms – Accounts Receivable(251) 434-1542

Ms. Susan R. Cline – Payroll Administrator(251) 434-1558  •(251) 434-1580

Facilities Manager

Mr. Robin Rockstall – Manager(251) 434-1534

Human Resources
(Employee Insurance & Benefits, Workers’ Compensation)

Mrs. Vicki A. Stricklin – Manager(251) 434-1533

Information Systems/Technology

Mr. Andrew M. Pitts – IT Coordinator(251) 434-1539

Real Estate, Property/Liability Insurance & Risk Management

Mrs. Lisa B. Hansen – Director(251) 434-1540

Catholic Cemeteries, Inc.

400 Government St.,
Mobile, AL 36602
Ms. Frankie M. Young, Administrator (251) 434-1557

Catholic Cemetery of Mobile

Physical Address: 1700 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave., Mobile

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 230, Mobile,AL 36601

Mr. J. Tilmon Brown, Director  (251) 479-5305

St. Margaret Catholic Cemetery

        Physical Address: 829 Columbus St. Montgomery

       Mailing Address: P.O. Box 230, Mobile, AL 36601

       Ms. Frankie Young       (251)434-1557

Catholic Housing Authority of Montgomery Inc.

Mr. Brian Bonikowski

City of St. Jude

Reverend Daniel A. Owuor, F.M.H. – Director

Cullen Center

Holy Childhood Association

Reverend Monsignor William J. Skoneki, V.G.(251) 434-1585

McGill-Toolen Foundation  website

Mrs. Amy Huff – Director(251) 445-2939

McGill-Toolen Institute, A Corporation

Propagation of the Faith

Reverend Monsignor William J. Skoneki, V.G.(251) 434-1585

Mr. William E. Barranco

Mr. Jim Conwell

Mr. Gary D.E. Cowles

Rev. Msgr. William J. Skoneki

Mrs. Gia Long

Ms. Michele C. Manry

Mr. Paul McTear

Mr. R. Gregory Watts

Archangel Radio – WGNL 1410 AM – Catholic Radio

Station Manager

Catholic Scouting

Reverend Stephen G. Vrazel – Chaplain


Deacon Richard L. Risher, Spiritual Director, 334-655-9085

Engaged Encounter

Shelley Vrazel 

Knights of Columbus

K of C – Mr. Jason C. Esteve, State Deputy

Knights of Peter Claver

Mr. Carlton A. Robinson – Gulf Coast District Deputy

Legion of Mary

Mrs. Patti Millette, President

Little Sisters of the Poor Sacred Heart Residence

Reverend Mother Judith Meredith, l.s.p. – Superior

Mercy Life of Alabama

2900 Springhill Ave., Mobile, AL 36607 (251)287-8420

Providence Hospital

Mr. Todd S. Kennedy – President and CEO

Resurrection Catholic Missions

Fr. Manuel Williams, C.R. – Director

Secular Order Discalced Carmelites (O.C.D.S.)

Mr. Paul T. Schubert – President

Society of St. Gregory the Great
(Ordinariate for former Anglicans)

Mr. Andrew M. Pitts – Administrator

Meets at St. Ignatius Parish Chapel (1st Sun 9:30am) (251)285-5571

Spring Hill College

Dr. E. Joseph Lee – President

St. Francis de Sales Association

Ms. Jennifer Clark, Group Directress

St. Vincent de Paul Society